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Etusivu / MAOL in English

Matemaattisten Aineiden Opettajien Liitto MAOL ry (The Finnish Association of Teachers of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Informatics) is a pedagogical association supporting teachers of mathematics, physics, chemistry and informatics in Finland. We are aiming to provide high-class education in mathematics and science in schools, support teachers in their work and organize continuing education for teachers. We welcome to our members both teachers and others interested in teaching in mathematical subjects in Finland. Read more about our membership.

Our online magazine Dimensio publishes articles weekly on currents topics in teaching and science. Our main communication channel to our members is an email newsletter.

MAOL consists of 26 local associations which organize both educational and recreational events on local level. Our annual main event, Koulutuspäivät (Education days), is organized by one of the local associations in their own area.

We organize national high school competitions in mathematics, physics, chemistry and informatics, Neljän tieteen kisat (Competitions in the four sciences). The first round of the competitions, organized in October/November, are open for all high school students. In addition, a separate math competition is organized for pupils in comprehensive schools. Those who do well in the first round are invited to the final round (January/February) and to join training sessions aiming to international science olympiads. More information can be found in Finnish under the title Kilpailutoiminta. The national competition exercises are available in Finnish, English and Swedish.

Our main language is Finnish, but we produce material and education also in Swedish and we have a local association for Swedish speaking teachers. You are welcomed to contact us in English, Finnish or Swedish: or tel. +35850 436 6320. Our full contact information.